Five Minute Friday: Ready

The Five Minute Friday topic this week is READY.  Write for five minutes straight on the topic, and then hit publish with no editing.  Yes, it’s Sunday, but my Friday and Saturday were very busy ones.  Here goes…


I was ready.

I can see the fluffy, bald man at the podium.  He was asking us if we were ready.  I wanted to be ready just like he seemed to be.  I wanted what he had.

I was at GA Camp one summer when I was around 10 years old and I wanted to bolt down the aisle and ask that man a hundred questions.  Why was he so jolly?  What made him smile so big?  Who is this Jesus I’d heard about since I was little.  It was all becoming so clear all of the sudden.

Could I be like that?  That was the day many of my questions were answered.

I was ready.

I wanted to know as much about the Lord as I possibly could and I wanted to be ready to be with Jesus.  The fluffy, bald man explained to us how we were are all sinners and in need of a Savior.  We cannot be good enough or do enough to get to Heaven.  Jesus came to earth to die for the forgiveness of our sins.  We just need to admit we are sinners, repent and ask the Lord to come into our hearts and take control of our lives.  So that when God looks on us, he will see his Son as payment for our sins and not our own filthy, sinful selves.  Thank God for that!  I needed a Savior to cover me.

After explaining the plan of salvation, he lead us in the sinner’s prayer.  I gladly repeated after him and could not get down that aisle fast enough.  I was ready for some Jesus!

Thank God for the fluffy, bald man who was willing to share Christ with a bunch of little GA girls at summer camp!