DIY Projects…just a little lipstick and rouge.


I’m not an expert at much of anything, unless you count juggling the many DIY projects I tend to have going all at once.  This webpage is evidence to the fact that I think I can do almost everything myself and do it cheaper, too.  Thus, it took me almost a month before I could figure out my blog design and how to post anything at all.  Yes, I know there are experts for that, but then I would have robbed myself of the satisfaction of doing this page on my own.  I have no idea if I saved any money, but I know I would not have had the thrill of accomplishment if someone else had designed it for me.

God has given me an artistic talent and after all these years, I finally get some real joy out of what I’ve been doing.  I recently read “A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live” by Emily Freeman.  I highly recommend this book to everyone.  It’s not just about art, it’s about the gifts God has given you to carry out His work.  This book had a profound effect on me and reaffirmed the fact that I have talents that I should be using for God.  Emily Freeman encourages us to be the person God has made us to be. Within the book we look at our own history and passions, and investigate who we really are down deep.  Good and bad life happens altering our dreams and Emily encourages us to find ourselves again and live out those dreams for God’s glory.  I’m not a Michelangelo (or Martha Stewart!) by any stretch of the imagination, but I know I have something to offer. (This would be a good place to insert that Emily also encourages us to silence the inner critic!)

It’s the handmade gifts I’ve been given that I remember the most.  Those gifts may have been food, jewelry, clothing or artwork.  Being that those handmade gifts are my favorite, the past few years I’ve begun gifting many things I’ve made with my own hands.  When you give something handmade, in a sense you give away a part of you with it.  Each time I make something with my hands, I’m in prayer for the recipient, even if I do not yet know who will ultimately enjoy it.  Thus, it can be a double blessing.

I enjoy many different kinds of art, but presently one of my biggest passions is chalk painting furniture.  This is not only artistic but is therapeutic for me, as well.  I would encourage those who consider themselves artistically challenged to try it.  Rather than getting rid of that hideous piece of furniture you hate, grab your favorite chalk paint color and paint it.  You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll like it.  My 12-year-old recently helped me to refinish some furniture with chalk paint so it has to be easy, right?

I’ll be sharing some of my projects here in hopes that it spurs the inner artist in you.  None are too difficult by any stretch of the imagination.  This is not to say I’m an expert at any of them.  Just as I read blogs and take tips from others on the internet, I like to share what works for me as well as what doesn’t work at all.  I hope you find it useful information.