Five Minute Friday: Wait

Five Minute Friday: Wait

Five Minute Friday: Wait


“Wait, what?”

That is the mantra of my 13-year-old and her friends.  They are forever saying these two words to one another until it’s become a silly habit.  I’m thinking, “Are you ever paying attention?”

And then it happens.  This morning, as I teach overloaded with too much coffee and too much cold medicine, a student stands in front of me and rattles a specific need and request…and then she waits for me.  I’m looking at her but I’m not hearing any of the words because of my mind spiraling out of control due to the overload in my head.  And I’m like, “Wait, what?”  I have to ask her to repeat it all once again, because I didn’t get past the first word.

Aren’t we all like that with God?  He nudges us, over and over again, a gentle wooing of our spirit and we continue spiraling through this life like a top out of control, not hearing a word He says.  Then He’ll hit us with a mighty shove and we’ll be like, “Wait, what? Is that you God?  Did you just say something to me?”

Wait for it, then listen when it happens.

May we all wait and not miss the opportunities to be wrapped in the middle of his glorious plan and be used mightily.

Written by Susan Choate

A beginner at almost everything, expert at nothing. Lover of Christ, my husband "Mr. Wonderful", family, travel, photography, DIY projects, and simple living.

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  • Tiffany says:

    Loved this, Susan. So happy we were neighbors at FMF. I was nodding and chuckling as I was reading because I totally relate. As a teacher, as a parent, as a woman trying to multi-task and listen and work and move all at once. Wait, what? Yes, yes. 🙂

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