2014 August

Five Minute Friday: Tell

photo 7

Tell me the story again.  Tell me how…  Tell me about…

Those questions were asked over and over again to my Nanny.  Oh, how I long to ask just one more question!

Nanny told me how to do many things.  I wish I had taken notes.  When she made a wonderful meal, as she always did, she would say, “Now, Suzie, let me tell you how I did it…”  and the words would flow.  I want that time back.  I want to be sitting and listening at her kitchen table one more time as she tells me how to live, how to cook, how to do something homemade.

We all need the stories from our grandparents.  The how-to’s and don’t do’s.  The encouragement, the love, the faith, the mercy.  Nanny was a balm for a hurting heart.  She was a salve for every sore in my body.  Anytime my world wasn’t tilted just right, I’d ask to go to Nanny’s house.  Just spending time with her as she worked sewing at her machine made my world better.  Oh, the times she tried to tell me how to do things, and I never took note of it!

My memories will forever replay in my mind of a slower life, spent at the foot of this Godly women who knew just how to tell me she cared.

Five Minute Friday: Begin

Lake Maggiore-View from Hotel Dino in Stresa, Italy

Lisa Jo Baker began Five Minute Friday four years ago.  The way Five Minute Friday works is that Lisa gives us one word and we are to write, unedited, whatever comes to our mind, for five minutes straight and no more.  Then, we link it to her page.

This is Lisa’s last week of Five Minute Fridays, as she is passing the baton to Kate Motaung beginning next week.  How timely for our word this week to be BEGIN.

Here’s my five minutes…


It begins with a word, a step, a breath.  Just do it, in the words of Nike.

You can do this.  It takes just a moment to start and then it all comes tumbling out.  The hurt, the excitement, the energy, the love.  With all the newness of a newborn babe, the possibilities are endless.  What can happen with just one beginning is immeasurable.

You can do this.  Get out your pen, your computer, your sneakers, pick up the phone and begin.  Make the change.

You can do this.  You are not alone.  In the beginning, God.  In all His goodness and mercy, God is there with you.  You are not doing this on your own, for He holds you in the very palm of His hand.

You can do this.  You’ve dreamt many times of this moment.  You’ve drifted off to sleep and woke up wishing this would happen and now it’s time.  Begin.  Take that first step and God will help you with the rest.

You can do this.  This is what you were made to be.  This is what you’ve been waiting for.  Why not start now?