2014 July

When in Rome…




We’re not sure if we conquered Rome or if it conquered us.  We’re traveling with a touring group in Europe and this trip is not for sissies…but it’s wonderful!    We booked  an extra day before the official tour began and that was the best thing we could have done. It gave us an opportunity to see the Pope on Sunday–along with thousands of other people!  Our tour guide, Freda, told us Pope Francis would be speaking and encouraged us to use that time to visit the Vatican.  Freda has already won us over with her efforts.  Wifi is spotty and weak when available here. I wanted to share a few highlights, though.  This is only working to post from my iPhone so please be patient with me. What a wonderful history lesson this has been!  Check out my Instagram for more photos.



Happy Family Photo!

We’re on our way to the vacation of our lifetime!  Bonjour!



And We’re Off!